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Palmucci, H. E., Grijalba, P. E., Wolcan, S. M., Guillin, E., López, M. V., Herrera, C., & Fantino, E. (2011). "Phytophthora nicotianae causing root and stem rot on dieffenbachia picta in Argentina". Tropical Plant Pathology‚ 36‚ (5)‚ p.327-331.

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Grandellis, C., Giammaria, V., Fantino, E., Cerrudo, I., Bachmann, S., Santin, F., & Ulloa, R. M. (2016). "Transcript profiling reveals that cysteine protease inhibitors are up-regulated in tuber sprouts after extended darkness". Functional and Integrative Genomics‚ 16‚ (4)‚ p.399-418.