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Tipo de material : Artículo
Autores : Camino, M.; Cortez, S.; Cerezo, A.; Altrichter, M.
Título en inglés : Wildlife conservation, perceptions of different co - existing cultures
Fuente : International Journal of Conservation Science
Año : 2016
Volumen y número : Vol.7
Idioma : inglés
Páginas :  p.109-122
Resumen : Different cultures have different relationships with nature, and these relationships have many dimensions which shape people`s perceptions towards nature. Therefore, perceptions may vary between different cultures within the same territories. Understanding each culture`s relationship with the surrounding environment is of extreme importance for the correct allocation of conservation resources, and for the development of efficient conservation actions. In this study, we discuss the perceptions of two different cultures regarding large and mediumsized mammal conservation in an endangered region of Argentina, called the Dry Chaco. These two cultures are peasants, or Criollos, and the indigenous Wichís; we assessed and compared their perceptions on local extinctions, conservation problems, conflicts with wildlife and possible solutions for these issues. We found that although both cultures inhabit the same territory and report local extinctions, their perceptions on which species were locally extinct differed. Another difference was the perceived time-period in which disappearances occurred. We also found that most respondents recognize conservation problems and possible solutions, although these differ between both cultures. Management for conservation of these species should be specific to each culture, and understanding local perspectives allows the inclusion of a broader view of human needs, perceptions and knowledge in conservation programs.
Link al editor : http://www.ijcs.uaic.ro
Cita recomendada : Camino, M., Cortez, S., Cerezo, A., & Altrichter, M. (2016). Wildlife conservation, perceptions of different co - existing cultures. International Journal of Conservation Science‚ 7‚ (1) p.109-122.